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I am Ming !

About me

Hi, my name is Ming Chen. I am currently studying Data Analytics at Fordham University in the Master of Science program. I will graduate at this December. I have a lot experience as Data Analyst and Data Engineer . I am always excited to face new challenges and explore newest technologies.

Data Experience

Research Assistant at Fordham
  • Developed a pipeline to auto preprocess applicants’ data and generate different figures by Pandas and matplot
  • Apply S3VM, SVM+, S3VM+ by CVXPY with different solvers to predict the students’ academic performance
To-do-list Web Application
  • Front-end by HTML and CSS, back-end by Node.js&Express.js with RESTful API
  • Managed all data with MongoDB Atlas. Deployed app in Heroku
  • Check Me!
Deloitte March Madness Data Crunch
  • Collected and cleaned Player’s Value from Internet and added this feature to the model by Python
  • Built several models to predict the result of the 2019 NCAA tournament such as Logistic Regression and SVM
  • Utilized Tableau to visualize graphic related data, concluded important factors to win NCAA tournament with the model
  • Ranked top 20% in the Kaggle with final result log loss 0.47
Twitter Tag Analysis with Spark Streaming
  • Rretrieved live tweets with certain tags by tweepy and processed raw data to nametuple with PySpark Streaming
  • Visualized the live tweets with seaborn and matplotlib
Data Mining Project
  • Preprocessed raw data with missing value, categorical variable and imbalanced result by Python
  • Split data to test/train and applied cross validation with different models such as Random Forest, SVM by scikit-learn
  • Visualized all results with line chart and bar diagram in Python matplotlib and collaborated with team to present results

Skills and Languages

Programming Languages: Python, R, SQL, MongoDB, Matlab, Scala, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Data Analytic Tools: PySpark, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, Keras, Tensor Flow, Tableau, Weka, SPSS
Computer Tools: Spark, Google Cloud, AWS, Git, Heroku, Docker, Postman
Hobbies Guitar,Hiking